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Proposal of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, for the creation of a Moroccan-Algerian political mechanism

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Kigali: His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, has proposed in His speech pronounced on the occasion of the 43rd Anniversary of the Green March, the setting up of a Moroccan-Algerian Political mechanism :

.This Political mechanism of dialogue and consultation would be called upon to be an effective tool designed to serve three functions:

         It provides a framework of a frank and a direct dialogue without taboos in order to overcome the differences and to settle the current problems which are impeding the development of relations between the two countries;

         This mechanism is committed to being a framework of bilateral cooperation to examine all the common issues honestly, sincerely, objectively and in  good-faith  without conditions or exceptions  according to an open-ended agenda;

         It provides a framework of consultation regarding the global and regional problems in terms of fighting terrorism and drug trafficking.

. This structure remains a flexible framework, the mechanism’s format, nature and level of representation can be mutually agreed upon when Algiers will give its approval to this proposal and it will be eventually enriched by new ideas and initiatives;

.The proposal of this mechanism by His Majesty the King  expresses a great will and respond to a threefold challenge :

         A common history which conjures up the fight against the same colonizer and reflects a strong developed relationship during this era, based on a strong awareness regarding the need to establish a joint political action in the Maghreb;

         A worrisome present characterized by division and discord which prevails the Maghreb in a sharp contrast with what unites the two peoples;

         A joint future which calls on the officials of the two countries to think about the legacy to leave to the coming generations and push them to listen to the peoples and the youth of the region regarding their legitimate aspirations and ambitions.

.Morocco remains open to the possible proposals coming from Algeria to ensure the relations between the two countries on a sound basis of trust, solidarity and a good-neighbourly relations. (End)


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