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#IamKigali Reloaded Concert- The celebration goes on

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Kigali: On Monday 13th of February the first #IamKigali Reloaded edition took place at Impact Hub Kigali. Featuring talents like Nganji & Kinga Blues, Deo Munyakazi, Kaya Free, spoken word artists from Transpoesis and Sam Kwizera, the session kicked off a series of events and left the audience eager for more.

In December 2016 #IamKigali Festival took place for the first time as the celebration of International Migrants Day. The aim of the event was to show how a mix of cultures contributes to making Kigali a vibrant and inclusive city. #IamKigali Reloaded now launched a series of pop-up events to keep up the energy until the second edition of the #IamKigali Festival that will take place in summer 2017.

With traditional inanga music, hiphop and spoken word art, to blues, jazz, rock fusion and reggae #IamKigali Reloaded#IamKigali rocked the rooftop at Impact Hub in Kiyovu. The #IamKigali Reloaded session attracted a large audience for a Monday night, and some creative luminaries were spotted in the crowd and came in support.

Among them Juno Award nominee and KigaliUp founder Mighty Popo and Rwandan international actress and filmmaker Anisa Uzeyman.

Starting the night with traditional music by Deo Munyakazi and poetry by Ariane Zaytzeff reflecting on the topic „Could I be Kigali?“ the mood kept heating up with Nganji & Kinga Blues. Kaya Free jumped in with a thrilling performance increasing the energy until Sam Kwizera’s infectious lesson in traditional dance had everyone on their feet.

The energy level was so high and contagious, that some impromptu and improvised performances by Strong Voice, a top reggae band from Rwanda - formerly known as Young Voice, Eric OneKey and the US world class poet/actor Saul Williams happened on the spot. The mix of traditional and modern music as well as the artists various backgrounds reflected and celebrated Kigali’s diversity.

The #IamKigali campaign wants to start conversations to discuss what it means to be from Kigali. This is a programme run by Impact Hub Kigali with the International Organization for Migration to spark conversations and challenge perspectives related to migration in Rwanda.

The campaign’s goals are to engage the population of Rwanda and especially Kigali, on the key subjects of migration: identity, cosmopolitanism, diversity, inclusion, and social cohesion.

The campaign will do so, not by viewing migrants as a distinct or separate population group, but by juxtaposing migrants side-by-side with their fellow city-dwellers to build a more integrated and socially-cohesive environment.




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