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Stolen 2-month old baby rescued

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Kigali: A two-month old baby, who was stolen recently in Gitega Sector of Nyarugenge District, was rescued on Friday and reunited with the mother.

A woman, who was identified by the Police as Beatrice Nyirankuriza, 30, on February 6, introduced herself to the mother’s baby called Agnes Uwimana as a “neighbor and a friend.”

Uwimana runs a small business in Gitega market, where Nyirankuriza found her and tricked her, and stole her baby.

“The suspect, on that day, posed as a neighbor and requested to help and baby-seat the tot for few minutes as the mother attended to her clients, and that was the last time the mother saw her baby,” Senior Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, the Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said.
“When the mother went to where Nyirankuriza claimed she was staying, she was told by people there that they don’t know her. The mother reported the incident at Nyarugenge Police station,” he added.

“However, in the night of February 8, at about 10pm, local leaders in Munini Village of Nyakabanda I Cell in Nyakabanda Sector, saw Nyirankuriza with a baby; since they knew her and were well aware that she wasn’t pregnant, they became suspicious, apprehended her and took her to Rwezamenyo Police station, where she admitted that she had stolen the baby after interrogation,” the spokesperson explained.

Nyirankuriza is said to have been lying her husband that she was pregnant. The couple has been married for about five years now, but has not had a baby.

However, a fortnight ago, Nyirankuriza allegedly went to her parents’ home in Karongi District. It’s from there that she called her husband and gave him the fake news that she had given birth, after hatching a plan to steal the baby so as to appease her husband.

“The baby was first taken to Isange One Stop Centre at Kacyiru hospital for medical examination. She was found healthy and reunited with the mother while the suspect is currently detained at Rwezamenyo Police station on charges of abduction of a child from parents as stated under article 224 of the penal code,” SSP Hitayezu said.

The said article provides that a person who abducts a child from parents or guardians or where the child habitually resides shall be liable to a term of one to three years and a fine ranging from Rwf500, 000 to Rw5 million. (End)


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