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Security guard arrested for soliciting bribes

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Kigali: A security guard at Rwamagana tax park in Rwamagana District has been arrested for allegedly soliciting bribes from people.

Emmanuel Ndayisenga was taken into custody on Saturday while taking bribes from commercial cyclists, who had parked inside the bus terminal. Bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited in the tax park.

"Because bicycles are not allowed to enter inside the bus terminal, Ndayisenga has been using this as a condition to solicit bribes from cyclists he finds breaking the rules," Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, the Eastern region Police spokesperson, said.

The alleged bribe was reported by the cyclist, who had been threatened with maximum penalties. Ndayisenga was at the time getting a bribe of Rwf1000 when he was caught red-handed.

"He sometimes gets bribes from cyclists so as to to get access inside the get passengers, or threaten them with maximum penalties if they don't give him something," the spokesperson said.

He is currently detained at Kigabiro Police Station.

CIP Kanamugire, who thanked the "boldness of the cyclist to deny engaging in such criminal tendencies" warned the public against "soliciting or giving bribes."

Giving or taking bribes is criminal and punishable under the Rwandan penal code. Under article 633 of the penal code, is defined as "any act of abuse of a position, power or honour one enjoys within a state organ, in a public or private institution, in a foreign company or international organization working in the country, or power conferred by any other function which is used contrary to the law, by giving to oneself, giving to others or requiring an illegal benefit or a service contrary to the law."

Clause five of the same article also defines corruption as being the act of, requiring, receiving or accepting to receive a gift in cash or any other illegal benefit for the provision of a service in an unlawful way or to be rewarded once the service is provided or the act is done either by the recipient or an intermediary.

Article 634 of the penal code stipulates that, any person who explicitly or implicitly demands or directly or indirectly receives a gift or any other illegal benefit for him/herself or another person or accepts it as a promise in order to offer a service under his/her mandate shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine between two to 10 times the value of the illegal profit solicited. (Fin)


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