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NRS calls on stakeholders to put efforts in the reintegration of rehabilitation centres’graduates

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Kigali: The National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) has convened a consultative meeting to discuss with stakeholders on the reintegration framework of graduates from rehabilitation centres and management of transit centres across the country.

The meeting scheduled today 7th November 2018 brings together representatives from Government and private institutions involved in the rehabilitation and reintegration of delinquents in Rwanda including private rehabilitation centres, NRS officials, Vice Mayors in charge of social affairs from all the 30 districts of the country, just to cite but a few.

Participants to the meeting will discuss and provide their views on the reintegration framework that has been developed by NRS to guide interventions related to the reintegration of rehabilitation centres’ graduates. Views from participants to the meeting will contribute to the refinement of the framework with an aim to make the framework user-friendly and more implementable.

Speaking about the meeting, the Deputy Director General of NRS ACP Gilbert RWAMPUNGU GUMIRA calls upon all stakeholders including districts, churches, and financial institutions, among others to actively play their role as far as reintegration of graduates from rehabilitation centres is concerned.

“NRS has been tasked to help Rwanda become a delinquency –free society. This vision will be achieved once proper and sustainable measures for preventing delinquent behaviors are taken and implemented, once there are high quality rehabilitation and reintegration services and even sound coordination among all involved stakeholders”, Mr. Bosenibamwe said.

“This assignment cannot be successfully fulfilled without the contribution of stakeholders and partners, that’s why we call upon all concerned stakeholders to put many efforts in the reintegration of graduates from rehabilitation centres so that we deal with the delinquency problem in a sustainable way. Together, we can achieve a delinquency free Rwanda.” He added.

Since 2010, over 16,000 delinquents have been rehabilitated in Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre and other centers across the country. After graduation, graduates are supported to fully reintegrate in the society with a view to helping them adjust well in the society and become responsible and productive citizens.

The National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) in collaboration with stakeholders mainly districts have put in place a number of initiatives that support the reintegration of graduates from rehabilitation Centre’s.

Some of the initiatives are: creation of graduates’ forums at the sector and district level, creation of forums for graduates’ parents at district level, establishment of reintegration committee at sector and district level, integration of graduates into cooperatives, provision of start-up toolkits for graduates and linking them with stakeholders who provide job opportunities. (End)


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