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Validating agricultural mobile applications for farmers in Rwanda

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Kigali: FAO, under the project “Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa”, designed four mobile applications for farmers in rural areas in Rwanda with an aim of increasing the use of data in their agriculture activities.

The applications, namely; Weather and Crop Calendar, Cure and Feed your Livestock, AgriMarketplace and e-Nutrifood offer information and advisory services. The mobile apps have been tested with the farmers in Rulindo District via SMS and Smart phones.

More use of technology and data in the agriculture sector is expected to positively impact on poverty reduction, food security and economic development through reducing some of the challenges farmers face, such as climate change and poor farming practices.

The apps will be validated during a stakeholders’ workshop in Kigali on 5 December 2018. The workshop will provide participants, from both private and public institutions, with information on how to make the best use of the mobile applications and interpretation of the solutions provided by the four mobile applications and consequently improve the farmer’s livelihood.

About the project: The initiative “Agricultural Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa” was piloted by FAO in Rwanda and Senegal with an aim of getting agricultural services closer, and as close as possible, to rural farmers by using digital technologies.

The initiative is in line with the Government of Rwanda’s Smart Rwanda Master Plan and ICT for Agriculture strategy (ICT4RAG), aimed to accelerate Agricultural transformation from subsistence-based to market oriented agriculture whereby ICT has been considered as enabler.

ICTs help maximizing the impact of existing rural advisory services, financial services, social protection programmes. ICTs facilitate access to markets, information and entrepreneurship opportunities. (End)


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